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Bitter Sweet : Work information

Noël (Peirce) Coward ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Donald Maxwell (Bass), Valerie Masterson (Voice), Martin Smith (Voice), Rosemary Ashe (Voice), New Sadler's Wells Opera, New Sadler's Wells Orchestra, New Sadler's Wells Chorus, Michael Reed (Conductor)

This work

Work name
Bitter Sweet
Work number
1929-01-01 02:00:00

This recording

JAY Records
John Yap
John Kurlander
Recording date
1988-01-01 02:00:00

The Composers

Noël (Peirce) Coward

Track listing

  • That Wonderful Melody 2:39 min
  • The Call Of Life 5:31 min
  • If you could only come with me 1:39 min
  • I'll see you again 4:28 min
  • What Is Love? 1:09 min
  • Polka 4:09 min
  • The Last Dance 3:42 min
  • Finale Act One 10:10 min
  • Opening Chorus (Life In The Morning) 1:04 min
  • Ladies Of The Town 3:25 min
  • If Love Were All 5:48 min
  • Dear Little Cafe 5:02 min
  • Bitter Sweet Waltz 3:09 min
  • Officer's Chorus (We Wish To Order Wine) 3:35 min
  • Tokay 3:36 min
  • Bonne Nuit, Merci 2:47 min
  • Kiss Me 4:14 min
  • Tara-ra--Boom-de-ay 2:27 min
  • Alas! The Time Is Past 2:24 min
  • We All Wear A Green Carnation 4:20 min
  • Zigeuner 4:45 min
  • Finale Act Three 3:52 min


Bittersweet, Noel Coward's famous operetta which features some of his greatest songs, ("I'll See You Again", "If Love Were All" and "Zigeuner" amongst others) is now released on JAY Records to celebrate Noel Coward's centenary year. This recording, unlike previous recordings, places the songs and music in their dramatic context, based on a production by the New Sadler's Wells Opera. Included in the recordings are three pieces: "Alas! The Time Is Past", "Bittersweet Waltz" and "Polka", which are recorded here in full for the first time.