Canzoni da Sonar : Work information

Girolamo Frescobaldi ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Caroline Boersma (Cello), Sergio Ciomei (Keyboard), Tripla Concordia

This work

Work name
Canzoni da Sonar
Work number
1635-01-01 02:00:00

This recording

Nuova Era
Riccardo Caramella
Valter B. Neri
Recording date
1995-04-01 01:01:00

Track listing

  • Canzona Terza a due canti 2:36 min
  • Canzona Vigesima detta la Lipparella, a canto e basso 2:43 min
  • Canzona Quinta, detta la Tromboncina, a basso solo 3:35 min
  • Canzona Vigesimaprima, detta la Tegrimuccia a canto e basso 2:42 min
  • Canzona Duodecima, detta la Todeschina a due canti 2:21 min
  • Canzona Vigesimaterza, detta la Franciotta a canto e basso 3:13 min
  • Canzona Decima, detta l\'Henricuccia a due canti 3:05 min
  • Canzona Settima, detta la Tuccina o la Superba a basso solo 3:51 min
  • Canzona Decimanona, detta la Capriola a canto e basso 3:19 min
  • Canzona Undecima, detta la Plettenberger a due canti 3:59 min
  • Canzona Vigesimaseconda, detta la Nicolina a canto e basso 5:10 min
  • Canzona Sesta, detta l\'Altera a basso solo 4:41 min
  • Canzona Decimaottava, detta la Masotti a canto e basso 3:01 min
  • Canzona Ottava, detta l\'Ambitiosa a basso solo 3:50 min
  • Canzona Prima a due canti 3:41 min
  • Toccata per Spinettina sola, over Liuto 1:39 min
  • Canzona Seconda, detta la Bernardinia a canto solo 3:11 min
  • Canzona Trigesimasesta, detta la Capponcina a 4 2:38 min
  • Canzona Sesta a 4 2:26 min
  • Canzona Prima detta la Bonvisa a canto solo 3:21 min
  • Canzona Seconda a 4, sopra Romanesca 2:39 min
  • Canzona Quarta, detta la Donatina a canto solo 2:33 min
  • Canzona Trigesimaquinta, detta l\'Alessandrina a 4 2:48 min
  • Canzona Prima a 4, Sopra Rugier 2:15 min
  • Canzona Seconda, a canto solo 2:46 min
  • Canzona Quinta a 4 3:08 min
  • Toccata per Spinettina e Violino 3:24 min
  • Canzona Quarta a 4 3:09 min
  • Canzona Terza, detta la Lucchesina a canto solo 3:02 min
  • Canzona Trigesimasettima, detta la Sardina a 4 2:05 min
  • Canzona Ultima per la Spinettina sola, detta la Vittoria 1:30 min
  • Canzona Seconda a due canti 2:50 min
  • Canzona Quarta a due canti e basso 3:01 min

The Composers

Girolamo Frescobaldi

Born in Ferrera, he was educated by Luzzasco Luzzaschi and by 14 was organist at the Accademia della Morte there. In 1607 he was made part of the papal retinue and accompanied them to Brussels. The following year he issued his first publication, a collection of madrigals for five voices. Returning to Rome, he was appointed organist at St Peter’s, and apart from the years 1628-1634 when he played at the Florentine court, he kept this post until his death.

Frescobaldi was highly regarded; so much so that the Viennese court organist, Froberger, travelled to Rome to study with him. His keyboard works were extremely influential; they led the way in terms of harmonic progressions and tonality, and made much of the Baroque style possible. The term ‘Fiori Musicali’ (musical flowers) is often used to describe his compositions, especially variations on chorale themes, but it was not used in the titles of his collections before his death.

- MIDI FILE - Ricercare for organ (1’50’’)