Quel vago seno ò Fille : Work information

Johann Adolph Hasse ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Julianne Baird (Soprano), Nancy Hadden (Flute), Erin Headly (Bass Viol), Malcolm Proud (Harpsichord)

This work

Work name
Quel vago seno ò Fille
Work number
1750-01-01 02:01:00

This recording

John Hadden
John Hadden
Recording date

Track listing

  • Recitative I 1:20 min
  • Aria I 8:57 min
  • Recitative II 1:52 min
  • Aria II 7:39 min

The Composers

Johann Adolph Hasse

Born near Hamburg, Johann Adolf Hasse was a fine singer and actor in youth , performing in operas at the court of Brunswick from 1719.  Here his own opera Antioco was performed, after which he left for Italy.  In Naples he studied with Alessandro Scarlatti, helping him to secure operatic commissions.  In 1730 he visited Venice where his Artaserse was given, the first of several to be performed by the castrato Farinelli.  The opera used one of the many texts in circulation by Metastasio - the two were later to meet and became close friends, Hasse even taking the poet's compositional advice concerning writing to please certain audiences.

An intermittent association with Dresden allowed to Hasse to travel greatly.  His works spread as far as London, where they were performed by Handel, and it is possible the two had met when Handel visited Naples in 1729.  Hasse was admired by Frederick the Great, and wrote much flute music for him.  From 1764 he was based in Vienna, and influenced the young Mozart .

- MIDI FILE – From Sonata Op. 5 No. 5 for violin and basso continuo: Adagio (1’57’’)