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Partita : Work information

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Work name
Work number
Op. 67
B flat
1790-01-01 02:01:00

This recording

Simon Lawman
Bob Auger
Recording date

The Composers

Franz (Vinzenz) Krommer

Born in Kamenice, Moravia, Franz Krommer studied violin and organ under his uncle in Turan until the age of 17.  Appointed Kappellmeister to numerous patrons, he settled in Vienna in 1795.  Considered a rival to Ludwig van Beethoven , he wrote over 300 works in virtually every genre, specialising in compositions for wind ensemble or solo concertos for such instruments. 

Track listing

  • Allegro vivace 5:37 min
  • Adagio 4:42 min
  • Menuetto: Allegretto 3:04 min
  • Allegro 4:39 min


Krommer's thirteen suites or partitas for wind octet, with optional contrabassoon doubling the bass-line an octave lower, were probaly written in the early 1790s. Issued by three different publishers in the early nineteenth century, the complete series was brought together in about 1825 by Parisian publishers, Dufat & Dubois.

No. 5 in the French complete edition, Op. 67 in B flat opens with an eight bar call-to-attention before launching into a lively and good-humoured sonata form Allegro vivace. Its followed by an Adagio that sets out to be sombre and serious but quickly lightens in tone, and a delightful menuetto with a quirky trio. The Partita concludes with a poised Allegro that chatters with wit and energy.