Harpsichord Concerto : Work information

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Trevor Pinnock (Harpsichord), English Concert

This work

Work name
Harpsichord Concerto
Work number
W. 14 / H. 417
1753-01-01 02:00:00

This recording

Simon Lawman
Bob Auger
Recording date
1976-01-01 02:00:00

Track listing

  • Allegro 8:45 min
  • Poco adagio 8:22 min
  • Allegro assai 6:17 min

The Composers

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Born in Weimar in 1714, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was son to Johann Sebastian Bach and Maria Barbara, his first wife.  Like his brothers and sisters, he was raised to the highest standards of musicianship and became a significant composer in his own right.  This was not the result of his father's wish to continue a family trade - he was provided with an extensive legal education - but more from the musical opportunities he was given by patrons such as Frederick the Great.

Musically, C.P.E. Bach chose not to imitate his father's mastery of counterpoint, preferring to pioneer classical forms such as the concerto and sonata, and to expand the harmonic scope available to composers.  Although his reputation has suffered owing to comparison with his illustrious forbear and those who he influenced, such as Mozart and Haydn, his pieces still hold much appeal for the performers and audiences of today.

- MIDI FILE - Allegro for keyboard (2'18'')

- MIDI FILE - Solfeggetto, for keyboard (1'07'')


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