Suite No. 1 : Work information

Johann Friedrich Fasch ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Pro Musica Kiev, Richard Kapp (Conductor)

This work

Work name
Suite No. 1
Work number
1730-01-01 02:01:00

This recording

Adam Abeshouse and Richard Kapp
Adam Abeshouse and Richard Kapp
Recording date
1994-10-29 00:00:00

Track listing

  • Ouverture 6:17 min
  • Réjouissance 1:04 min
  • March 3:41 min
  • Pastorale: Andante 3:52 min
  • Menuet 1:07 min
  • Allegro 1:52 min

The Composers

Johann Friedrich Fasch

A significant contemporary of J S Bach, Johann Fasch's works demonstrate the transition between late Baroque style and the Classicism of Mozart and Haydn.

Born in 1688 he was brought up in the Lutheran tradition and sung as a treble in choirs. His earliest compositions were influenced by Telemann and he held many positions in his early professional life as violinist, organist and Kappellmeister.

In 1722 he became court Kappellmeister at Zerbst, and though applying  for other jobs, kept the position until the end of his life in 1758. His isolated position resulted in an original composition style that other composers were unlikely to have encountered.

No works of Fasch were published in his lifetime, and most of his vocal works are thought to be lost. He nevertheless developed a new musical language within traditional forms; his concertos, in particular, are impressive in this regard.