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(Pietro) Alessandro (Gaspare) Scarlatti ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
St├ęphane Blet (Piano)

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Work name
Piano Sonata
Work number
L. 21 / K. 162
1700-01-01 02:01:00

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Forlane CI
Ivan Pastor
Jean-Pierre Bouquet
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  • 2:41 min

The Composers

(Pietro) Alessandro (Gaspare) Scarlatti

Father to the more famous Domenico Scarlatti, Alessandro was no less influential in his own lifetime.  Born in Palermo, he moved to Rome in 1672 where he studied with Carissimi.  His first known opera, L'errore innocente, was performed in 1679 under his own supervision.  Royal appointments followed; in 1694 he became maestro for the Viceroy at Naples, and he had close links with the Queen of Sweden.  In 1703 he commenced as assistant maestro at S. Maria Maggiore in Rome, taking full responsibility in 1707.  In 1709 he returned to Naples where he was engaged at the Royal Chapel - a position his son Domenico had previously held.

Like his son, he was extremely prolific; he wrote around 115 operas, of which only one is a comedy.  In addition there exist over 800 cantatas, 12 symphonies and a huge quantity of church music.  It is thought that he wrote over 200 masses.  He left a great influence, and was known as the founder of the "Neapolitan School".

MIDI FILE -Sonata for cello and b.c. No.1 (8'08'')

MIDI FILE - Aria: "Se tu della mia morte" (3'36'')