How the Piano Shaped the Film Industry...


The prestigious Cannes Film Festival calls to mind some timeless movies and the music that defines them: specifically, we're thinking about film's fascination with the piano. 


Director Roman Polanski's acclaimed film The Pianist, winner of the coveted Palme D'Or award at Cannes in 1992, draws on Chopin's etherial piano music in this troubling tale of a Polish Jewish pianist.  The opening sequence features Nocturne in C-sharp minor, striking an intense, dreamy atmosphere that gives the film its unmistakeable haunting quality.


Enjoy this collection of Chopin's beautifully nuanced works, including the dreamy Nocturne from film The Pianist performed by Abdel Rahman El Bacha on piano.


Some films have even defined the perception of piano pieces for the modern era, lending the now familiar nicknames to some of our favourite pieces.  We need only think of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 in C, now affectionately known as Elvira Madigan after the Swedish film in which its second movement, a lyrical Andante, accompanies a lazy boat ride on a placid lake.


Mozart almost single-handedly popularised the Piano Concerto in classical music through enduring pieces such as the Elvira Madigan.


Discover why the piano continues to fascinate filmmakers, from Rachmaninoff's Concerto heard in Brief Encounter and the Cinema Paradiso theme to Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik featured in Batman.