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Composer(s): Album
Work identifier: M27305
Display Name: The Royal Lewters - Music of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I's favourite lutenists
Mvt. 1Pastyme with good Companie (Composer: Henry VIII)  ()
Mvt. 1A Canzonetta (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Mvt. 1The Gathering Of Pescodes (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1A Paven to delight (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1The Galliarde to delighte (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1Quadro Paven (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1Omnino Galliard (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1Carmans whistle (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1Passingmeasures Pavin (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1Walsingham (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1A Pavin By Mr. Johnsonn (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1Galliard (Composer: John Johnson)  ()
Mvt. 1Collard's Ground (Composer: Edward Collard)  ()
Mvt. 1A Canzonetta (Composer: Alfonso Ferrabosco)  ()
Mvt. 1Pavin (Composer: Alfonso Ferrabosco)  ()
Mvt. 1Fantasie (Composer: Philip van Wilder)  ()
Mvt. 1Philip's Dump (Composer: Philip van Wilder)  ()
Mvt. 1The Duke Of Somersettes Dompe (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Mvt. 1My Lady Careys Dompe (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Mvt. 1Fantasy (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Mvt. 1Sellenger's Round (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Mvt. 1A Dump (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Mvt. 1Chi passa per 'sta strada (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Mvt. 1Anthony Pavyn (Composer: Anthony de Countie[?])  ()
Mvt. 1A Downe (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Mvt. 1Fantasia (Composer: Alfonso Ferrabosco)  ()
Mvt. 1Conde Claros (Composer: Anonymous)  ()
Composer(s): Album
Recording identifier: M2147527036
Real Name: The Royal Lewters - Music of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I's favourite lutenists
Display Name: The Royal Lewters - Music of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I's favourite lutenists
Label: harmonia mundi
Catalogue Number: HMU 907313
CD Media ID: 125245
Mvt. 1Pastyme with good Companie (Composer: Henry VIII) (2'8'')
Mvt. 2Fantasie (Composer: Philip van Wilder) (2'35'')
Mvt. 3Philip's Dump (Composer: Philip van Wilder) (4'19'')
Mvt. 4The Duke Of Somersettes Dompe (Composer: Anonymous) (2'18'')
Mvt. 5My Lady Careys Dompe (Composer: Anonymous) (2'49'')
Mvt. 6Fantasy (Composer: Anonymous) (4'21'')
Mvt. 7Sellenger's Round (Composer: Anonymous) (2'0'')
Mvt. 8A Dump (Composer: Anonymous) (2'45'')
Mvt. 9Chi passa per 'sta strada (Composer: Anonymous) (1'10'')
Mvt. 10Anthony Pavyn (Composer: Anthony de Countie[?]) (2'30'')
Mvt. 11A Downe (Composer: Anonymous) (1'21'')
Mvt. 12Fantasia (Composer: Alfonso Ferrabosco) (3'51'')
Mvt. 13Pavin (Composer: Alfonso Ferrabosco) (3'46'')
Mvt. 14A Canzonetta (Composer: Alfonso Ferrabosco) (1'34'')
Mvt. 15Collard's Ground (Composer: Edward Collard) (5'6'')
Mvt. 16A Canzonetta (Composer: Anonymous) (1'41'')
Mvt. 17The Gathering Of Pescodes (Composer: John Johnson) (0'58'')
Mvt. 18A Paven to delight (Composer: John Johnson) (4'50'')
Mvt. 19The Galliarde to delighte (Composer: John Johnson) (1'25'')
Mvt. 20Quadro Paven (Composer: John Johnson) (3'7'')
Mvt. 21Omnino Galliard (Composer: John Johnson) (1'19'')
Mvt. 22Carmans whistle (Composer: John Johnson) (2'49'')
Mvt. 23Passingmeasures Pavin (Composer: John Johnson) (2'25'')
Mvt. 24Walsingham (Composer: John Johnson) (3'6'')
Mvt. 25A Pavin By Mr. Johnsonn (Composer: John Johnson) (4'31'')
Mvt. 26Galliard (Composer: John Johnson) (2'9'')
Mvt. 27Conde Claros (Composer: Anonymous) (3'44'')