Giacomo Puccini's Last Days

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For a man so closely associated with the very life and breath of Italian culture, it seems strange for Giacomo Puccini's last days to have been spent in Brussels. In actual fact, he had been forced to retreat there in search of a new and experimental radiation treatment for his worsening throat cancer (he had been a voracious Toscano cigar smoker). In 1924 on 29 November he died there from complications due to the treatment.


The news hit Italy hard: when news of his passing reached Rome it came during a performance of La Bohème. The opera was immediately stopped while the orchestra performed Chopin's Funeral March for a grieving audience.


La Bohème is a masterpiece, one of Puccini's best works. It is also one of the most romantic operas ever composed. Take yourself into this blissfull and passionate world with this wonderful recording.


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