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Johann Sebastian Bach's Two Part Inventions (BWV 772-801) is a collection of thirty short keyboard compositions, consisting of fifteen inventions and fifteen sinfonias. Almost universally known among piano students as the Two and Three Part Inventions, they were originally written by Bach as exercises for the musical education of his students. It was given a title by Bach: "A faithful Guide, whereby admirers of the Clavichord are shown a plain Method of learning not only to play clean in two Parts, but likewise in further Progress to manage three obbligato Parts well and correctly, and at the same time not merely how to get good Inventions, but also how to develop the same well; but above all, to obtain a cantabile Style of playing, and together with this to get a strong Foretaste of Composition." The two groups of pieces are both arranged in order of ascending key, each group covering fifteen major and minor keys. The sequence of keys is C, c, D, d, Eb, E, e, F, f, G, g, A, a, Bb, b. The inventions were composed in Cöthen; the sinfonias, on the other hand, were probably not finished until the beginning of the Leipzig period. Comments from Playlist created by

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