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The Well-Tempered Clavier was the title J S Bach gave to a. 1722 set of 24 paired preludes and fugues, one for each of the possible major and minor keys. This second collection was completed in 1744 and though its original title was not Das wohltemperirte Clavier, its identical structure has naturally led to its association with the earlier set. In contrast to the first book, this later set of paired preludes and fugues was partly assembled from existing pieces, though as with book 1, some were undoubtedly transposed to fit the key scheme. There are some freshly composed pieces, however, dating from the late 1730s. Together the two books are known colloquially as 'the 48' and for many years formed the basis of a solid clavichord or harpsichord technique. Bach, himself, would use the 48 as the conclusion of his own teaching course, which began with the Inventions and the English and French Suites, and Beethoven was just one of the future pupils to benefit from its thoroughness after Bach's death. Comments from Playlist created by

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