C. Ginastera - film scoring 0:00

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1: Atmospheric opening, this gets too loud at minute 2 but at minute 3 has a nice slow cello melody. Sounds as though scored for a film, slightly luscious but not too diverting to the audience. 2: this is very open and sparse texture, slightly exotic - a mix of contemporary art music with Drina's slightly exotic background. Too loud at 1 minute, but mostly quiet - possible to use selected parts. 3: this is certainly attractive, tango, a sense of movement, but slow and intertwining melodies. 4: nice opening conceit, all still and calm with some flurries. There is a lot of music like this so I will stop now until it comes to refining. 5: No sooner do I say enough than I find a cello/piano that screams out 'look at me, don't listen to that, this is calm film music'.

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