Wagner - Fry's Favourite 118:45

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At a recent debate in that notorious chamber of dispute, the Union at Cambridge University, the house posed an interesting motion - "This House believes clasiscal music is irrelevant to today's youth". Proposing the motion were a music student, a Juilliard School lecturer and a DJ against the idea were a music journalist, a philosophy student, and classical music lover Stephen Fry. The opposing bench won 365 votes against 57, with 88 abstainers, meaning that the overwhelming feeling today is that classical music remains relevant. The philosophy student had argued that classical music had completely outgrown its aristocratic origins, becoming less elitist and more openly accessible to audiences everywhere. The journalist argued that many people discredited 'today's youth' by assuming they could not take pleasure in classical music, an art form that had thrilled millions of people for many centuries. Stephen Fry gathered cheers of excitement when he declared that "the idea that classical music is the province of white-wigged old farts shows a failure of imagination and rank snobbery". To honour the victory, here's Fry's Favourite - Wagner.

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