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Violin Virtuoso - Niccolo Paganini 153:57

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In April 1832, a charity concert for victims of the Parisian cholera epidemic was given by Niccolo Paganini, with Franz Liszt in attendance. Hearing the great virtuoso inspired Liszt to become as skilled on the piano as he was on the violin. At that time, Paris had become a kind of cultural centre 'par excellence' for pianists, with dozens working to achieve perfection on the keyboard. They became known as the 'flying trapeze' school of pianists. Liszt's determination to be the best, motivated by the awe he felt for Paganini, led him to master all the aspects of piano technique cultivated by his rivals, such as Sigismond Thalberg and the three-hand effect, or Alexander Dreyshock and his incredible facility for octaves.

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