Handel Clori, Tirsi e Fileno & Apollo e Dafne 0:00

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How I love the feeling of discovery! This afternoon found this album on the homepage, and the crispness of the playing is a pure joy. Light, beautiful crunch of dissonants, and soprano singing which is entirely accurate and exciting. Made my day. Wikipedia says this: In 1706 Handel left Hamburg for Italy, and in May of 1707 began living as composer-in-residence with the Marchese Francesco Maria Ruspoli, traveling between the Bonelli Palace in Rome and the Ruspoli estate. Clori, Tirsi, e Fileno was written sometime before October of that year — a copyist's bill for the work is dated October 14, 1707. There is no certain record of any performance, but it may have been given privately before Handel left for Florence later that year to conduct the premiere of Rodrigo, his first Italian opera, which shares an aria with the cantata. So how is this for something new. Those musicologists are really bringing us treasures - Handel was just 22 when he wrote this!

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