Bruckner 8 107:28

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I am going through a Bruckner phase. Listen to the 4th movement. Extraordinary energy and power caused by the modulations. I remember Carlo Maria Giulini (may his soul rest in peace) performed this in the London Festival Hall in the late 1980s. At the time I did not know Bruckner well - just a few ideas about how he builds up great climaxes using the brass instruments, then suddently stops and moves calmly on. I also knew that he was devout and dedicated symphonies 'To God'. But the Giulini performance that day - an entire concert of one symphony only, nothing else - was a wake up call to how impressive the architecture is, and how wonderful the orchestra sound can be. Each type of sound from each section of the orchestra has a natural and marvellously evocative sound quality. Listen to this, which is a wonderful and insightful performance.

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