The Father of Neapolitan Opera


Born on 2 May 1660, the Italian baroque master  Alessandro Scarlatti is the undisputed founder of the Neapolitan school of opera. Paternally, he is the father of the composers Domenico and Pietro Filippo Scarlatti.


Alessandro Scarlatti's arias seem to ebb and flow like the song of a turtle-dove, transporting listeners into a magical realm that recalls the peaceful landscape of the Mediterranean basin. This selection includes the acclaimed Bella Madre Dei Fiori.


Although he retains the accolade of founder of Neapolitan Opera, Alessandro Scarlatti has too long been overshadowed by his more famous son Domenico.  Alessandro was no less influential in his own lifetime.  Born in Palermo, he moved to Rome in 1672 where he studied with Carissimi.  His first known opera, L'errore innocente, was performed in 1679 under his own supervision.


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