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Choosing appropriate music for a particular occasion can be a tricky task. Music can have associations with particular events, or sound ‘happy’ or ‘sad’. However, these associations with emotions or moods are entirely dependent on the individual. What one person regards as ‘happy’ music, might be perceived differently by another who connects the music with a particularly sad event in their life. The following lists, and accompanying playlists, are therefore suggestions or starting points.

Note: Clicking on the title of the piece will take you to the CD shop where you can buy the complete work from which the track is taken. The CD choice is a compilation disk that may or may not contain some/all the tracks in the list. The playlist is a compilation of tracks available to users of classical.com. 


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Dinner Party








Middle Of Summer


Labor Day 


Guy Fawkes Night


Thanksgiving Listening For Cooks




Early Christmas Music


Classical & Romantic Christmas Music


Jazz Christmas Music


New Year's Eve


The January Blues: A Musical Cure