Music for the Laundrette

Classical Academy On This Day... 


On 19 September in 1849 the first commercial laundry was established in Oaklan, California. With the invention of the mangle (the wringer) laundry workers could pass sopping wet clothing through two rollers, cranking it through to squeeze out the water and helping it dry. Since then, washing has come a long way, with machines whirling our wet clothes around in a whirl till they're crisply dry and sweet smelling.


We've all sat in a laundrette watching the spin of the machine - so in honour of this anniversary, here's our recommended soundtrack to add a spark to your laundry trips. As you watch your clothes spinning around, why not press play on The Spinning Top from Carnival of the Animals, Mendelssohn's Spinning Song or The Spinning Girl by Polish composer Moniuszko. With all that water flying around, you might feel in the mood for Handel's Water Music or even Broadway musical South Pacific. Finally, for those of you who seen those romantic movies where the actors fall in love at the laundrette, try Stacey Kent's album In Love Again.