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Mozart Unwrapped

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With a maestro like Mozart, there's an endless stream of delightful music to unwrap. Here we present a veritable feast of Mozart, with six sumptuous albums of his finest music to explore and four playlists uncovering some of his lesser-known works. Enjoy the journey of discovery into the genius of this legendary composer.


Mozart did not write as extensively for the organ as some of his predecessors, but his friends and admirers in Salzburg gave him the opportunity to work in many styles and genres, including organ music. Hear how Mozart made the most of the organ's beautiful tones with our playlist Mozart and the Organ.


Mozart's final three String Quartets were dedicated to the King of Prussia; what marks them out as remarkable compositions is the lyrical quality of the cello sections. A likely inspiration for this might have been that the King played the instrument himself. Listen to these charming works with our playlist Mozart String Quartets and Quintets.


From La Finta Giardiniera to the Jeanehomme (his 9th piano concerto), there's enough rarely heard music by Mozart to offer a lifetime of pleasure in seeking it out. Find out more withour playlist Mozart Unwrapped.


Mozart's sacred music represents an important part of his oeuvre that can often be overlooked. Whilst his Requiem has garnered great fame and praise, his other sacred works are rich in musical delights. Discover more with our playlist Mozart: Sacred Music and the Requiem.