Mozart in 1791

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The final year if Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life until his fatal illness struck was by all accounts a very good one. His spirits were up, his financial situation much improved, his music receiving extraordinary acclaim and his productivity at sky high levels. The list of compositions from this year reads like a 'greatest hits': The Magic Flute, Ave Verum Corpus, the last piano concerto, the Requiem and the exquisite Clarinet Concerto in A Major K.622.


The Clarinet Concerto is his final purely instrumental work that sparkles with a delicate interplay between soloist and orchestra, refecting a lifetime of unparalleled musical achievement and understanding from this great composer. For a final work, however, it is surprising for its lack of overly extroverted display for the soloist, and indeed no cadenzas are written for the instrument.


Delight in a final moment of brilliance from Mozart's hand with this recording of the Clarinet Concerto and his equally delicate Concerto for Flute and Harp.


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