Magical Madrigals

Classical Academy | Renaissance Period | Choral Music


"Magical madrigals" is not just a tongue-twister: these beautiful, intricate, and often cheeky Renaissance songs cast a powerful spell over any listener. Like pop music today, the madrigal was in the Renaissance period the popular musical form of its time, sweeping through the banque halls of courts across Italy, France, Germany and England in its heyday.


The official definition of a madrical - "a secular vocal music composition" - really doesn't give any sense of their fun. From just two singers up to groups of eight, these songs were often based on celebrated poems. They began life in Italy where the poetry of Petrarch in particular proved perfectly written to be set to music. The rise of printed music in the Italian peninsula encouraged them to spread like wildfire across the country. In England, the preference was for the unaccompanied madrigal, which survived much longer than over on the Continent. by 1741, the Madrigal Society had formed, a group which still meets today.


Delight in our selection of magical madrigals - they're so catchy you might even sing along!