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Man Of La Mancha : Work information

Mitch Leigh ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Ron Raines (Voice), Kim Criswell (Soprano), Avery Saltzman (Voice), BBC Concert Orchestra, David Abell (Conductor)

This work

Work name
Man Of La Mancha
Work number

This recording

JAY Records
John Yap
Recording date

The Composers

Mitch Leigh

Track listing

  • Overture 4:38 min
  • Prison scene 6:19 min
  • Man of La Mancha 4:04 min
  • The Enchanter 1:54 min
  • Fight of the windmill 0:34 min
  • Scene: Didn't I tell tou? 2:47 min
  • It's all the same 3:49 min
  • Scene: Payment before delivery? 2:53 min
  • Dulcinea 3:06 min
  • Scene: Governor! Governor! 1:39 min
  • I'm only thinking of him 3:29 min
  • Scene: And now there appears on the scene... 2:26 min
  • We're only thinking of him 0:59 min
  • Scene: Let us return now to the Inn 0:55 min
  • Scene: The Missive 3:16 min
  • I really like him 2:24 min
  • Scene: Ay, there old hack 0:31 min
  • What does he want of me? 2:28 min
  • Little bird, little bird 1:50 min
  • Scene: I split in the milk of your little bird... 3:11 min
  • Barber Song 1:49 min
  • Golden Helmet of Mambrino 2:53 min
  • Scene: Your friends have departed... 1:47 min
  • To each his dulcinea 1:52 min
  • Scene: Now I must consider how sages of the future 4:02 min
  • The impossible dream 2:39 min
  • Scene: Once, just once, would you look at me as I really am? 0:29 min
  • The Combat 1:37 min
  • Scene: Victory! Victory! Victory! 2:07 min
  • The dubbing 0:49 min
  • Knight of the woeful countenance 2:57 min
  • The abduction 2:47 min
  • Scene: Ah, Sancho, how I do envy my enemies... 1:40 min
  • Scene: That sound? 1:36 min
  • Scene: My firend, I have lived almost fifty years 2:53 min
  • Moorish dance 3:56 min
  • Scene: Don't open the gates 1:37 min
  • Aldonza 3:13 min
  • Knight of the mirrors 4:01 min
  • Scene: Cervantes! Cervantes! Prepare to be summoned 2:19 min
  • A little gossip 1:26 min
  • Scene: That's enough now 2:54 min
  • Scene: Come closer girl 1:31 min
  • Finale 7:25 min
  • Scene: Under the authority of the holy office 1:18 min
  • The impossible dream finale 1:53 min
  • Bows 1:28 min
  • Exit Music 4:24 min
  • Bonus track: Little bird, little bird (popular version) 1:55 min


Man of La Mancha, the story of Don Quixote, a tale of human faith and survival, of innocence, honesty and courage, won both the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and the Tony Award as the best musical of the 1965-1966 season. In total, the show won 5 Tony Awards, including one for best score that captured both the emotional essence of the story in "The Impossible Dream" (a song that the public quickly took to it's heart) and synthesised it's Spanish roots with songs like "Man of La Mancha", "Dulcinea", "Aldonza". It ran on Broadway for almost six years, playing a total of 2,328 performances.

London audiences were recently treated to this show at the 2000 Covent Garden Festival at the Peacock Theatre. The BBC Concert Orchestra supported Broadway and television star Ron Raines as Don Quixote, with his heart striving "to reach the unreachable star!", Kim Criswell as Dulcinea, Avery Saltzman as Sancho, the faithful manservant and opera star Della Jones as The Housekeeper.

This first complete recording of Man of La Mancha on 2 CDs features this great cast together with a host of West End talent.