Peter Pen : Work information

Jule (Kerwin) Styne ( Music, Images,)
Mark 'Moose' Charlap ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Cathy Rigby (Voice), Paul Schoeffler (Voice), National Symphony Orchestra, Craig Barna (Conductor)

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Peter Pen
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JAY Records
John Yap
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Track listing

  • Opening Titles / Tender Shepard 4:02 min
  • I Gotta Crow 2:20 min
  • Neverland 3:40 min
  • I'm Flying 4:01 min
  • Opening Act Two / Hook's Tango 4:34 min
  • Indian Dance 2:50 min
  • Wendy 2:26 min
  • I Won't Grow Up 2:30 min
  • Hooks Tarantella 1:07 min
  • Ugh-A-Wug 6:34 min
  • Distant Melody 3:01 min
  • Farewell 2:01 min
  • Hook's Waltz 2:56 min
  • I Gotta Crow 2:33 min
  • Finale 6:41 min
  • Bows 2:10 min


When Cathy Rigby opened in the Broadway production of Peter Pan, the Boston Globe proclaimed: "Cathy Rigby is remarkably talented... she sings wonderfully, with precision, with range, with style... she is irresistible. Rigby will lift you out of your seat!"

Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan broke box office records, garnered rave reviews, and received two Tony┬« Award nominations, one for Best Actress In A Musical, and another for Best Revival. Cathy Rigby earned a Tony nomination, garnered rave reviews and set box office records when she starred in the 35th Anniversary production of Peter Pan on Broadway in 1991. Rigby's dramatic television movie credits include the "Perfect Body," "Hard To Read," "The Great Wallendas" and "Triathlon." Rigby has also headlined in Las Vegas, winning the George M. Cohan Award for Best Specialty Act. A two-time Olympic gymnast, Cathy Rigby also maintains the historic position of being the first American woman to win a medal in the World Gymnastics competition and holds 12 international medals, 8 of them gold. For their 25th Anniversary, ABC-TV's venerable "Wide World of Sports" acknowledged Rigby's unequaled contributions to World Class athletics by naming her one of America's Most Influential Women in Sports. 

The Composers

Jule (Kerwin) Styne

Mark 'Moose' Charlap