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The Student Prince : Work information

Sigmund Romberg ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Norman Bailey (Bass), Diana Montague (Mezzo-soprano), Marilyn Hill Smith (Voice), David Rendall (Voice), Philharmonia Orchestra, Ambrosian Opera Chorus, John Owen Edwards (Conductor)

This work

Work name
The Student Prince
Work number

This recording

JAY Records
Recording date

The Composers

Sigmund Romberg

Track listing

  • Overture 6:59 min
  • Prologue 2:05 min
  • Golden days 3:47 min
  • Garlands bright 2:24 min
  • To the inn we're marching 1:56 min
  • Drinking song 2:27 min
  • I'm coming at your call 1:39 min
  • A student has a happy lot 0:53 min
  • Come boys, Let's all be gay, boys 1:55 min
  • Entrance of the prince and engel 0:37 min
  • Heidelberg, beloved vision 1:08 min
  • In Heidelberg fair 1:45 min
  • Graudeamus Igitur 1:23 min
  • Drinking song (reprise) 0:54 min
  • Golden days (reprise) 2:34 min
  • Deep in my heart 5:11 min
  • Come sir, will you join our noble saxon corps 1:59 min
  • To our native land of freedom 0:44 min
  • Come answer to our call 1:51 min
  • Drinking song 1:02 min
  • Serenade 3:44 min
  • Carnival of springtime 3:03 min
  • Come boys, Let's all be gay, boys 1:54 min
  • Act two opening 1:59 min
  • Farmer Jacob lay a snoring 0:44 min
  • Student life 2:42 min
  • Thoughts will come to me of days (finale act two) 3:25 min
  • We're pff to paris, city of joy 2:30 min
  • Deep in my heart, dear 2:21 min
  • Act three opening 2:38 min
  • Ballet 2:33 min
  • Waltz 1:18 min
  • Just we two 5:26 min
  • The flag that flies 1:04 min
  • Gavotte 1:07 min
  • Never more will come again those days of youth (finale act three) 8:00 min
  • Intermezzo 4:31 min
  • Act four opening (let us sing a song) 0:56 min
  • Finale part one: To the inn we're marching 0:40 min
  • The flag that flies above us 1:03 min
  • serenade (reprise) 1:07 min
  • Come boys lets be gay boys (reprise) 0:42 min
  • Finale part two: Serenade (reprise) 1:18 min
  • Karl Franz! Karl Franz! 1:22 min


THE STUDENT PRINCE recaptures the magical mood of musical theater from a bygone age. Where today’s musicals may deal with down to earth realities and social problems, THE STUDENT PRINCE was all bittersweetness and joy. It was however right for it’s time. Romberg’s recreation of the star crossed love of a handsome prince and a beautiful waitress had great escapist appeal when it was first staged in 1924. Unashamedly sentimental and full of unforgettable melodies, some tender, others rousing, THE STUDENT PRINCE closely resembles the 19th century operetta. Yet it still appeals to modern audiences.

This was the very first complete recording of THE STUDENT PRINCE in it’s intended theatrical setting and orchestrations including much previously unrecorded material.

Some of the finest talents from British opera and the West End were gathered for this historic recording: Norman Bailey, one of Britain’s most distinguished bass baritones; Marilyn Hill Smith, the much loved soprano for her singularity and versatility in both opera and operetta; the internationally acclaimed tenor, David Rendall; and Diana Montague, darling of Vienna and New York’s Met.

The supporting cast is equally star studded, including such operatic luminaries as Donald Maxwell, Jason Howard, Bonaventura Bottone, Steven Page and Neil Jenkins. From the West End they are joined by Rosemary Ashe, Maria Friedman, Leon Greene, Lisa Hull, Grannia Reniham and Gay Soper.