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Jesus Christ Superstar : Work information

Andrew Lloyd Webber ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
Clive Rowe (Voice), Issy Van Randwyck (Voice), Christopher Biggins (Voice), Ethan Freeman (Voice), National Symphony Orchestra, Martin Yates (Conductor)

This work

Work name
Jesus Christ Superstar
Work number

This recording

JAY Records
John Yap
John Kurlander
Recording date

The Composers

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Track listing

  • Overture 4:34 min
  • Heaven On Their Minds 4:24 min
  • What's The Buzz? 2:16 min
  • Strange Thing, Mystfying 1:58 min
  • Everything's Alright 4:52 min
  • This Jesus Must Die 3:45 min
  • Hosanna 2:17 min
  • Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem 5:10 min
  • Pilate's Dream 1:52 min
  • The Temple 4:43 min
  • Everything's Alright (Reprise) 0:26 min
  • I Don't Know How To Love Him 3:40 min
  • Damned For All Time / Blood Money 5:34 min
  • The Last Supper 7:42 min
  • Gethsemane 5:51 min
  • The Arrest 3:28 min
  • Peter's Denial 1:34 min
  • Pilate And Christ 2:40 min
  • Herod's Song 3:24 min
  • Judas's Death 4:19 min
  • Trial By Pilate 6:33 min
  • Superstar 4:17 min
  • Crucifixion 4:01 min
  • John 3:13 min
  • Could We Start Again Please? 3:10 min


This landmark of British Musicals has been reproduced in it's original full symphonic conception which is often sadly lost on stage due to restrictive orchestra size. In this recording the 60 piece orchestrations with added Digital Dolby Surround depth offer the listener a definitive recording of this classic work.

This recording features a fascinating "battle" of the Phantoms between Dave Willets (Jesus Christ) and Ethan Freeman (Pilate) both of whom played the Phantom on the West End Stage and elsewhere.

A stunning performance by Issy van Randwyck as Mary shows the reason she was chosen as the only non-mainstream pop singer to appear on the recent platinum recording "The Glory of Gershwin"( other singers included Meat Loaf, Cher, Enya etc) This is surely an early preview of a superstar in the making.