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William Cobbold ( Music, Images,)
Performed by
John Potter (Tenor), Richard Wistreich (Bass), Nancy Hadden (Soprano), Circa 1500, Redbyrd, Nancy Hadden (Conductor)

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New Fashions
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John Hadden
John Hadden
Recording date
1991-04-28 00:00:00

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  • 9:04 min



New fashions now do bear the sway, and fashions old are laid away,
[The leaves be green the nuts be brown they hang so high they will not come down].
The brewer proves by his good ale that one thing soon is new and stale.
The tailor night and day takes pains New Fashions to invent for gains.
The drawer with his works of price can money draw with his device.
Greensleeves is all my joy, greensleeves is my delight;
greensleeves is my heart of gold and who but Lady Greensleeves.
Greensleeves and gallant ruffs, broidered cauls and golden cuffs,
Heyho, look where she huffs, let losel bear away the buffs.
The poet and the painters sleight with strange devices bring delight.
The potter frames his works of clay with odd conceits that may seem gay.
Little Peg of Ramsey with the yellow hair, and-couldst thou great if I were dead, marry would I stir.

Therefore the ditty of my song is love me a little and love me long.
Can you dance the shaking of the sheets, a dance that every one must do?
Can you trick it up with dainty sweets and everything that longs thereto?
Make ready then your winding sheet, and see how you can bestir your feet,
for Death is the man that all must meet.
Bring away the beggar and the king, and every man in his degree.
And everyone come follow me.

A wonder strange that far doth fly, after nine days it down doth lie.
Clout leather was never so dear, I cannot come every day to woo.
I have a mare, they call her Brock but thoull have me love tell me now
Thoust have the skin to make thee a frock Clout leather was never so dear.
The cozening mate would soon be found if he in shifts did not abound.
And this is known by common skill too omuch of one thing is but ill
There were three ravens sat on a tree hey nony nony nony
They were as black as black might be hey nony nony no
Chill tarry no more at home, at home Chill vop on a country mome
with a dudgeonhaft by my zide a with a dudgeonhaft by my zide a.
Chill go abroad and zee, what vashions now there be in all the world so wide. The clown that knows no fashions fine may stand abroad, good night John a Line.
When all is gone and nothing left, fair fall ye dagger with dudgeonhaft.

What pleasure have we in this life so fraught with misery, unless it seasoned be with sweet variety.
The harper that doth harp but on one string, what joy or pleasure can he therewith bring?
The nightingale wiht notes that divers be, doth joy the ear and heart with melody.
And why may not maids merry be, and laugh awhile in good company; Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee and have good sport and pleasant glee. Alas, poor silly man that ever thou wert born, Thy wife shall be thy master and thou shalt wear the horn. And sith you have that hap by fate, the cornered cap must cover your pate. Now when devices have gone round, they come again to their first ground.

Robin Hood Robin Hood and little John, they leaned him against a tree, Friar Tuck and Maid Marion, so turn ye about all three, Since all the world on wheels doth run, the wheel wright never shall have done.

The Composers

William Cobbold