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 Charlie "Yardbird" Parker

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong

A Chance Encounter with Diana Krall

The Music of Al Capone's America

Jimmy "Little Bird" Heath

The Idiosyncratic Thelonious Monk

The King of Ragtime

A Great Day in Harlem, New Year 1959

Bing Crosby and a Major Hit

He Sung, He Swung, He Crooned

All Stars at the Met

Be my Juliette Greco

Muddy Waters

The King of Swing



From its beginnings in the early 20th century jazz has given rise to a copious variety of subgenres: from New Orleans Dixieland dating and big band-style swing, bebop, Latin jazz fusions and acid jazz, right through to nu jazz and even hip-hop.  


There's a world of Jazz & Blues music to discover. Rich and diverse, it's often surprising how much jazz music has been influence by Classical genres.


To get you started on your journey of discovery, read all about the American Giants of Jazz.


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