Simple guide to using our music service is the excitement of music at your fingertips:

Simplicity: ease of use - simple subscription model, and listen as much as you wish

Choice: the largest collection of Classical, Jazz and World music recordings

Organisation: Browse by Composer, Conductor, Country, Ensemble, Genre, Instrument, Label, Performer, Period

Power: enjoy saving music as playlists, download music you love most, access your listening history

Engagement: Listen to recommendations, share playlists and write about playlists you love



These icons help you listen to recordings, eg. within Orchestral music

 play a recording: play work, track, or Album (play icon below album image)

 get information about the work, recording, composer, artists

 download the recording

 add the recording to My Playlists

 link to the recording from any web page so others can listen to it





Assemble My Playlists with the  icon alongside each work/track (be sure to register first, so that we have your email address and password to save your recordings for you).
You can build playlists even if you are not a Member.

Listen to Shared Playlists. You can also share your own playlists with others by ticking the 'share playlist' box! Also, write what you feel about the music as your own commentary.

Listen to Our Playlists put together for your listening pleasure (Composers, Genres, Relaxation, Moods, Top 10 etc.)





Use the menu on the left to go to Genres of music (eg. Genre) and narrow your search using the filters at the top of the page.

The recordings are listed by the title of each work. First any inverted commas, then numbers, then alphabetically (it's easy to follow the system for listing recordings once you get used to it!)





Type a few words into the searchbox at the top of each page. Your results can then be filtered by the dropdown menu.

Eg. type Beethoven moonlight or bach bwv 1005 and you will see a list of recordings and of the work




This page will take you to Bios and Images of the Composers, and interesting concerts such as Discovering Music as well as music used in Film



Composer works


This will list a composer's works alphabetically. You can also use the dropdown to order them by Year of Composition, to see what Beethoven wrote each year!