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Holst Beyond The Planets

Classical Academy Composers 


Although he composed almost 200 works from operas and ballets to choral hymns and songs, Gustav Holst is one of those composers known primarily for one piece - The Planets. There's much more to Holst than this one suite would suggest, however.


With influences from Ravel to Hindu spiritualism and English folk tunes, Holst was able to free himself from the influence of Wagner and Strauss to forge his own style. His music features unconventional metres (times) and haunting melodies.


In his early musical career, a nerve condition prevented him playing the piano and he turned instead to the trombone. During this time he became interested in Hindu mysticism and spirituality, which led him to compose several works set to translations of Sanskrit texts, including a three-part opera Savitri based on an episode from the Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit epic.


Discover the incredible and often unusual music by Holst's hands beyond The Planets with our special playlist.