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Henry Balfour Gardiner

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It's not necessarily true that if you don't get great grades in school, you won't make a success of yourself. One man that disproves that common assumption is Henry Balfour Gardiner - English musician, composer, and teacher who only just managed to pass his degree. Sadly, much of his music has been lost and we know him through a very few works. This is probably because he was so self-criticial, and when he rounced composing in 1925 it is believed it was he himself who destroyed many of his scores. He devoted his attention, instead, to pioneering an afforestation programme on his Dorset farm.


The most famous of these few works is the Evening Hymn (1908), a romantic work of considerable power matched by equal delicacy. It is sung commonly throughout English churches today. Despite this almost "one-hit-wonder" reputation, Balfour Gardiner also wrote instrumental music, including two symphonies and an extensive range of works for piano. Enjoy the beauty of these rarely heard works on this lovely recording.