If you believe you have a compatible system, you have worked through the help files and are still having problems, then please contact, providing us with the following details:

  1. Are you viewing the correct URL?
    1. Which URL exactly is it?
  2. Is your system compatible?
    1. What is your browser make and version number?
    2. What is your OS and version number?
    3. What version of the Flash player have your got installed? Check here:
    4. If your do not have a Flash version 6+ on the above test, you can download it before continuing:
  3. Are you on an institutional network or not?
    1. Does it use a firewall?
    2. Does the institution block MP3s, windows media or other media?
    3. What bandwidth onto the internet does the computer you are using have?
  4.    What is your problem?
    1. Please describe your experience, including what you click, what you see and hear, and any relevant URLs from your address bar.