Customer Comments (Membership packages)

Here are some of the things our customers , users and journalists have been kind enough to say about our service 

Here are some of the things our customers , users and journalists have been kind enough to say about our service 

I actually think that your Music Service is wonderful. It’s easy to browse, and for someone (like me) who loves “classical” music, there is much to choose from. [JF, 28 Jan 2008]

"I don't know what you guys did but finally I'm enjoying the music of your web site. Please keep up dating your system, so every member can be rewarded with the beautiful music you offer." JG, Moscow, 14th August 07]

"We all know the amount of Art you always offered but now has become a Space: a Home, a castle, a beautyful big place where you can roam (as Schubert ) and admire visual art and at the same time listen to the Music you prefer with total freedom and joy." [NG, Italy, 26th July 07]

"I really enjoy the service your company provides.  Keep up the good work!" [CM, 21 July 2007]

"My period of membership has been most enjoyable, in fact the only site of its type that I can find on the internet. The charge is quite reasonable." [PW, 21 July 2007]

"Thanks for your caring. My name is [.....], a professor of psychology at Cairo University. I want very much to support your great keep classical music surviving and this is a very civilized  mession. Thank you very much." [Dr BK, 16 July 2007]

"First, your site is fantastic. I can see that repertoire is being added continuously, and it is still 'filling up'.  Other than this one (minor) complaint, I love everything about your site." [WG, 12 July 2007]

"Many thanks for your speedy response. It is not only appreciated but makes it all the more likely that I will renew my subscription when the time comes as I am otherwise extremely impressed by the range of music  and the quality of the artists on the site." [SP, 14 May 2007]

"Sometimes I think of your music service as a huge dream house full of music where you can enter, feel comfortable, stay and be treated in a beautiful way" [NG, 3 April 2007]

"I think the site in general is excellent - extremely easy to use, very comprehensive. Well done and thank you for providing such a good service!" [IJ, 23 Sept 06]

"I joined your service a few months ago.  In the very beginning I had problems and you always helped me.  It was wonderful. In the beginning I had just "dial-up service".  I could download pieces beautifully, but I could not play real time because of constant buffering. Now I have "high-speed" internet service and I can listen to your real time services.  This web site is unbelievable!  Not only are your selections extensive, but you also offer a "composer of the day to listen to".  This introduces me to composers I would not necessarly listen to.  I love it. Thank you so much!"  [TFF, 12 August 06]

"Hi, this is Levent writing and listening to you from the Mediterenean coast of Antalya,Turkey at the moment. Thank you very much for this service, i have just found it on the net, I really like it, I'm working at an hotel now listening to you. This music cools me at these hours of the hot Mediterenean night. Bye..." [LM, 20 July 06]

"I have been enjoying your streaming audio. The sound is quite fine, to my ears, when I connect my computer to my primary sound system. I can even burn a decent CD if I want to keep the downloaded recording (I'm  73 and my hearing is probably not as accurate as younger people's). I don't remember how I got the name of as an on-line source of classical music. I personally think this is the new way that we music lovers will get our recordings.  I'm delighted with your site and the potential it offers.  I'll also feel free to make further comments and suggestions." [JB, 23 June 06]

"Thank you for this free trial period.  I have enjoyed it and I'll stay. There are many things I like [about the service.  There is a broad selection of music, the monthly cost is reasonable, and it's well organized for the CLASSICAL music lover.  The CML player is easy to use & navigate.  The sound quality is generally quite good.  The playlists are handy for organizing music I'm interested in & I've found a lot of interesting music.  The program notes are very helpful, especially for composers or works I don't know." [HR, 22 June 06]

"What a brilliant way of getting to know various works by composers, I listen to the music before retiring. I certainly will pass the word on. Look forward to more works going on the site. " [GW, 15 May 06]

"Relating to your service, I'm very pleased with the quality and breadth of your offerings. Also your site is well organized and finding a selection is easy.  While you don't have many of the big names your performers are very good." [BD, 12 May 06]

"Just a short note of appreciation.  My computer recently crashed.  But with your system, I am able to re-download the works I lost now that I have a new computer.  Thank you for the intelligent way you have set things up.  People like iTunes could learn many good things by studying you!"  [RJ, 24 Oct 06]

"Hi. I have enjoyed trying this service out - it is like having a huge CD library at your fingertips - and I have enjoyed the free monthly downloads." [FJ, 23 MArch 2006]

"It's a joy to be able to listen to your favorite music whenever you want, at the time and for the length you want, there's nothing like "control". Congratulations on the improvements you have made to, now with high speed Internet your music is more enjoyable." [GJ, 1 March 2006]

"I am absolutely loving your service – I think you have made brilliant use of internet technology to make your fabulous collection of music accessible to your subscribers. I am a web developer myself, so I am hugely impressed with the array of searches, the abundance of information and the readymade playlists that you provide. Truly an excellent website." [LD, 20 Feb 2006]

"I've found at last a dependable source of online serious music.I love this site! One quesion-do you add music to the database from time to time?" (the answer is we do add more recordings each week) [JS, 13 Feb 2006]

"I loved my experience with Classical !I would like to have a monthly membership (increasing probably to an annual one,better next fall and winter)not inmediately but after the 15th of March. I shall be still at home for 2 weeks. Can I go on listening to your music ?? Thank you for your kindness and good taste." [NG, 13 Feb 06]

"I signed up a few weeks ago.  What a great resource.  I now have had a wide variety of music while I work and am enjoying your service immensely." [DU, 31 Jan 2006]

"Great system by the way.  I love it.  Will definitely subscribe when my free trial is up." [DH, 10 Jan 2006]

"In the information age we live in we are overwhelmed by products from competing companies. The difficulty for the consumer is to have time to consume them. In this case it is to have time to listen to more and more new music we sit and download on our computer, and what about all music we already have? Specially classical musicpieces sometimes need to be listened to several times before you really appreciate it. I think you have a very good sortiment of classical music, for instance compared to your competing company, I come back to your service on a sunny day." [GG, 12 Jun 2006, Sweden]

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply...I am not at all surprised that your service is so popular.  I am devoted to it myself!  Living deep in the boondocks of central New York state without decent radio signals from any classical stations, I find is crucial to my cultural well-being!" [Bj, 4 Nov 05]

"I am having a wonderful time with what you have done. It is a whole new way of exploring music, not that much less significant than the phonograph." [DF, 30 Nov 05]

"Thank you for your prompt response. This music service is truly a wonderful treasure trove of music that I never thought possible to find in one place. I listen to it all day long at work and at home. Thank you so much!" [BM, 22 Nov 05]

"I am very pleased with this new website.  I have looked and played all the music I've studied for the past forty to listen to!! the way, I presented your website to my violin teacher, concertmater and incredible violinist.  I'll know next week about his response." [Dr R, 19 Nov 05]

"An excellent website, easy to use, well laid out and a good catalogue of music." [TS, 18 Nov 05]

"I figured the Play Whole Work button out roughly a nanosecond after I sent the email. The button could be made more prominent without harm, as I suspect that is what most people want to do. BTW I have since subscribed and am finding your service excellent. No poor performances so far, and I really appreciate the extensive Bach repertoire." [DF, 7 Nov 05]

"I am rather busy at the moment but the service was excellent thankyou" [HS, 16 Sept 05]

"All the classical music – any work you want!!! Amazing search capability! You got to see this site. It’s been redone by some guys in England. It’s something else. I got a membership for $11 per month (listen all you want + 8 free downloads)." [IZ, 14 Sept 05]

"We like the service so much because we are in a fringe area in upstate New York where we can't get classical radio indoors (in our car, yes, but the signals are weak even there). We don't download files or use iPODs -- not because we are technophobes (in fact we are "early adopters" in lots of other ways) but just as a matter of preference. The appeal of the service for us is thus not downloading, but the richness of your library (e.g. I have never heard the Jack Gibbons Gershwin recordings anywhere else!) and the ability to search composers (I am in a John Ireland mood this morning, for no reason I can explain) and assemble playlists." [MJ, 30 August 05]

"Your website is just the resource I've been searching for. I'm looking forward to enjoying my membership." DS, 22 August 05]

"Your service is excellent and I am replacing my tape library through dowmloads from your collection" [FK, 22 June 05]

"All other music access is A-OK, plays well. I am having a ball with your otherwise near-perfect system that affords music listeners the greatest pleasure possible. Your site is an unspeakably a Godsend of the highest echelon possible. Cheers! Thanks a zillion!" [CC, 21 June 05]

"I'd just like to say how delighted I am that your services are available to individuals again. I loved using your playlists and amazing selection of tracks while I was doing my Masters. It's perfect for working! I'm now trying to write a novel, and am so happy to have all the music back... [MK, 18 June 05]

"I was a user under the older I enjoyed the streaming and have not explored again until now. Why can I only listen to 1 min of audio streamed, I would like to join a monthly service of streamed classical of my choice. Can you help???" [MM, 1 June 05] You will be pleased to hear that the streaming service will be offered shortly (Editor)

"Thank you for your quick reply.  I will download the music today. I am thrilled with your web site.  I want my students to hear multiple examples of great artists playing their pieces." [PG, 16 May 05]

" quality, perfect to hear" [EP, 12 May 05]

"Congratulations and welcome to my world." [GM, 4 May 05]

"Very attractive layout and working well! Congratulations." [DL, 3 May 05]

My goodness - what a fantastic service! It's amazing for study purposes, although at present I can't decide if you're going to save me money or bankrupt me...but keep it up!" [ZS, 3 May 05]

"Thank you for your quick reply.  I will attempt to download the music today. I am thrilled with your web site.  I want my students to hear multiple examples of great artists playing their pieces." [AG, 2 May 2005]

"Very attractive layout and working well! Congratulations." [DL, 1 May 2005]

"Great to have this site back again. I originally subscribed via my dial-up ISP but have now changed to a wireless broadband connection which should improve matters. I have therefore re-registered. Welcome back!" [SE, 29 April 2005]

"I'm very glad you are back and I really do look forward to you providing streaming at some time in the future. I hope you have not lost too many of your old customers. Streaming is particularly useful as it enables one to compare different recordings before deciding on which one to purchase. I suspect many of your users used it for this purpose. So roll on the streaming please!!" [TK, 27 April 05]

"Great you are back on track again - missed this site.
Look forward to visiting it again. Good luck."
[IS, 25 April 05]

[Regarding customer support to explain the download system] "That did the trick!  Thank you so much for helping me figure it out!  Now I can learn the music for the week!!!" [ES, 22 April 05]

"Delighted you are back!" [RW, 23 April 05]

"Hello!  Thanks for your mail...........though we lost contact for a long time now.  All the same, we'll continue to classic together.  Extend my greetings to all the Classical people " [LC, 21 April 05]

"Congratulations!  A classical music download site at last worthy of its name." [ES, 21 April 05]

"Welcome back -- you have been much missed. My wife and I would happily resubscribe if you were to offer a flat-fee, listen-only option. Is that being contemplated?  Good luck with the new format -- MJ" [20 April 05]

"Welcome back!  Can I use downloads on my i-Pod? [The answer is yes]  Thanks"   [Adrian, 20 April 05]

"So far i'm very impressed, and eagerly await your next e-mail, thank you very much." [JH, 20 April 05]

"To whom it may concern,
I absolutely love this site.  I feel that classical works are the essence of true music -- not this blubbering nonsense aired on todays radios. I do have a question, however, is it at all possible to purchase the entire work of JS Bach? It has become an utmost goal of mine to acquire as much of his beautiful work as possible -- understood that not all of his works have been recorded of course. It has become an extremely tedious undertaking, so any information is highgly appreciated. Thank you for your time." -RB
[12 April 05]
[We do have recordings of the complete works of J. S. Bach available]