Composer works lists

To view a list of works for a particular composer, hit the ''Works List' link on the 'Browse Tracks' left hand menu of the Search tab.

After choosing a composer you will see a list of all the works they have composed, arranged within easy to use folders. You can choose to view works in an alphabetically arranged list or by group such as year of composition or genre.

Click the + signs on each folder to view the folder contents: for instance, clicking the + sign on the folder for the year 1765 on the works list page for Mozart would show you folders for all the compositions he wrote during that year. Clicking on the + sign for each composition's folder would reveal all the recordings we have for that particular work.


In the image below you can see the left hand 'Browse Works' menu item 'Works List' and you can see a list of works composed by Mozart, grouped by year of composition:

Please note that the works list page for some composers may take up to 1 minute to load, and for J.S. Bach in particular it may take even longer.