Finding Music

There are two ways you can search for music or information on Classical World - using the basic or advanced search, or by browsing.


For the Basic Search, simply enter a search term into the search box at the top right of every page. This can be part of the title, or an artist's name, or even an instrument. Click Go to start searching and you will be presented with a page listing the items found.

To use the Advanced Search, click on the Search tab at the top of the page (or alternatively click the Advanced Search link beneath the search box at the top right of every page). The advanced search allows you to search using multiple fields and incorporates a spell check, as well as a lookup facility, among other features.

For much more detailed information about searching, our search engine and best practices, visit the Searching Help section.


You can browse for music tracks using our different categories. Simply click on one of the categories that you will find in the left-hand column of the Home, Search and Playlists sections, and the screen will refresh to show you tracks in that category (or you will be asked for more information where relevant e.g. to choose a composer or instrument).

  • When browsing, tracks are returned in alphabetical order. We are in the process of creating a 'sort by' mechanism to allow you to re-order the browsing results.
  • Once you have entered a category, you can refine your selection by choosing one of the sub-categories offered.
  • To listen to Bach's organ music, browse the Search section for 'Composer'>'Bach' and then refine by choosing the sub-category 'Instrument'>'Organ'
  • You can continue to refine (narrow) a search until there are no more sub-categories available
  • Clicking on another category on the left hand menu will start a new browse.

Track Information (metadata)

There are several ways that you can find more information about the recordings you are listening to. The best way is to find the track that you are interested in (using search or browse) and then clicking on the yellow 'i' icon - this will load a pop-up which usually contains the following track information:

  • This Work - about the piece of music containing the track
  • This Track - information and a program note about this track
  • This Recording - details of this particular recording
  • The Artists - biographical information on the orchestra, conductor or soloists
  • The Composer - a biography of the composer and links to related composers

Playlist Information (metadata)

If you are listening to a playlist, then more limited information is available by clicking on Playlist Detail in the player. This will load a pop-up listing the individual tracks, each of which contains a yellow 'i' icon that will reveal more detailed track information, as above.