This is located at the top right of every page on the site.

The basic search is designed to be quick and easy to use. Compared to the advanced search, you have less control over which database fields are searched. Each word you enter into the basic search box is searched against all fields in our database of compositions and recordings.

Boolean 'OR'

The basic search uses Boolean 'OR' logic. This means that each of the search terms is searched independently and all recordings matching any of the search terms entered will be added to the result set. Results relevant to more search terms will have a higher relevance score than those being relevant to only one search term. Results with the highest relevance will be displayed first.

Example searches

We have provided examples of various searches to help you understand how to make best use of our search engine and how to interpret the results. The first example is of a basic search for "vivaldi spring".

View basic search example.

Why are basic searches sometimes not popular?

One reason people don't like to use the basic search is because it brings back many results. Although the most relevant results are displayed first, some of the later results are only barely relevant to the search terms you entered. These partially relevant results are called Partial Matches. This happens deliberately, and is because the basic search uses Boolean "OR" logic to provide a very 'high retrieval' of search. This means that the search returns as many relevant search results as it can (similar to Google).


"If you don't mind seeing PARTIAL MATCHES in your search results, then great results can often be achieved much quicker using the Basic Search."