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There are two types of firewalls in common use: personal and corporate.

Personal Firewalls

Personal firewalls are pieces of software installed on a computer which restrict the content that can be downloaded onto the computer and also what content on the internet can be viewed by users of that computer. If you have a personal firewall you should go to the website of your firewall software manufacturer and search out their recommendations for Windows Media Player streams and MP3s.

Corporate Firewalls

Corporate firewalls are hardware machines which are installed by engineers on the network of institutions or corporations to restrict the content downloaded or viewed by all users of that network.

Why firewalls cause issues

Firewalls cause problems for services like ours because they can be used to block media streams (music). In order for us to stream music to users, we require that certain ports are open on these firewalls. Ports are numbered doorways to Internet services, and firewalls can be configured to accept or reject access to particular ports.

Required Ports

Web site traffic is transferred across port 80. If port 80 is blocked by a firewall, then you will be unable to view any web pages on the Classical World service, and thus unable to use it in any way. In most cases, you will find that port 80 is already open on your firewall.

In addition to port 80, the table below shows the addition ports required to be open to support different Audio streaming formats:

Operating system


Audio format

Open ports required

Microsoft Windows 98sp2+

Internet 5.5+

Windows Media Audio


Microsoft Windows 98sp2+

Netscape 6+



Apple Mac OS9+

Internet 5.2+ Netscape 6.2+



Blocked Content

Many simple firewalls (especially personal firewalls) may have content controls which allow you to restrict the content by type. By following the firewall vendor's instructions you should ensure that both MP3s and Windows Media streams are not blocked.

Additionally, it is possible for some firewalls to block the Flash player from Macromedia. By following the firewall vendor's instructions you should ensure that the Flash player is not blocked.