Great Female Composers

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Although there may not have been a great many female composers in the history of classical music, it is an even greater shame that the achievements of those women who did succeed in the field are often forgotten in favour of their male counterparts. brings you a selection of works by great female composers.


Celebrate great art music from American child progidy and pianist Amy Beach, and the wonderful Romances by the superb Clara Schumann, pianist, teacher and singer in her own right. Enjoy songs by Beach, Schumann and Poldowski, also known as the Belgian-born British composer Regine Wieniawski, daughter of the great Polish violinist. Marvel at the talents of one of the earliest female composers, Barbara Strozzi, daughter of a Florentine nobleman and famous in her own period as an opera singer. Finally, listen to works by a woman writing music today - British composer Rachel Portman OBE, the first female composer to win an Academy Award, whose film scores include Emma and Chocolat.