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About Your Recommendations (to your Recommendations)

Recommendations are presented in two columns

1. Ten Album Recommendations (in the left hand column)

2. Ten Track Recommendations - a handpicked playlist  

Play  Your Track Recommendations - click and listen, it's easy!

Add Your Recommendations to your Playlists with the Add button in the player to save them as a playlist and enjoy them again

Each time you click Recommendations you are presented with Ten more Albums and Ten more Tracks.

Enjoy unlimited listening (as a subscriber) and use the music we recommend as a launching point for discovery.

You are unique. Your character is unique. Your Recommendations are unique. Enjoy unlimited listening.

Each time you refresh Your Recommendations you get more music you will love. So listen, and read on if you want to know more...



How do we know you will love your Recommendations? Well, this is not quite an Orwellian radio where we know your innermost secrets. It is simply an assessment of the music you seem to love. You need to play quite a few tracks before our system works out Your Recommendations (you do not need to be a subscriber). We ask our computers to sit back and think about:

  • which tracks you purchase (you love a lot)
  • music you stream (you like, or your like a lot if you listen repeatedly)
  • recordings where you you click fast forward or stop playing (you do not like or are indifferent)
  • composers you search for (and which compositions of theirs you play)
  • compositions you search for, or genres you search for

We then use some clever software in a black box to work out the sound structure of the recordings you buy and play to recommend other sound files you will like (or grow to like). We also look at other users, and find users with similar playlist histories to you, and things they like a lot, which you may like. This is 'collaborative filtering' which Amazon uses, but we ask our computers not to do too much of that because it works less well.

Then when we know about some of your loves and dislikes, we work our magic (with computers, paid for by a R&D Grant from the UK Government) and we offer you up, respectfully, proudly and creatively some further listening. We do not know about the kind of person you are, the CIA have not asked us to help with their profiling, we do not share any information about your listening with anyone. It is all top secret with us, and no one else in the world gets similar recommendations to you.

You are unique. Your character is unique. Your Recommendations are unique. Enjoy unlimited listening.