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French café classics: Louis Gasté and Line Renaud

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Over fifty years Louis Gasté composed a staggering 1,200 songs in the charming "French café" style. His most famous song "Pour toi" was sung composed for the film Le Feu aux Poudres. It was plagerised by Morris Albert and sung to English words under the title "Feelings" by Albert, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and others. He composed many of his songs for his wife, the singer Line Renaud, whom he married in 1950. The couple were married 45 years before Gasté died in 1995 and enjoyed huge success with their engaging performances of relaxed, charming and witty songs.


Here is an album of french singer-songwriter duo Louis Gasté and Line Renaud at their best. Try "Blue Tango", "Moulin Rouge" or "Son Coeur est Amoureux" with a good french wine. Magnifique!




And if you like that, try this album by Juliette Greco, with the wittily written "La Complainte du Telephone" (The telephone complaint).