Richard Rodney Bennett


Nice's first permanent orchestra was founded in 1945 with the name 'Orchestre Symphonique de Nice'. It boasted a compliment of 56 musicians under the conductorship of Charles Boisard and, later, Georges Lauweryns. In 1956, it was re-organised and changed its name to 'Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice', expanding its forces to 72 musicians. Musical directors since have included Jean PĂ©risson, Pierre Deveux, Berislav Klobucar and, most recently, Klaus Wiese. In 1982 the orchestra expanded further to its present strength of 118 musicians.

The Orchestra's extensive discography and foreign itinerary have allowed it to establish an enviable international reputation and it has attracted guest conductors of the calibre of Michael Schoenwandt and Christof Perick.  

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