Pietro Baldassare


Little of Baldassare's music has survived, but from what remains, it seems his music is related to the canonic writing of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologne whose members included Vincenzo Cavedagna and Don Giovanni Battista Consoni.

In common with the lack of music attributable to him, little of Baldassare's life is known either. Many believe him to have been born c1683 in Brescia, where Baldassare is a common surname, though he was traditionally thought to have been a Roman. The few details we have suggest  he was maestro di cappella of the Oratorio di S Filippo Neri (Congregazione della Pace) in Brescia from 1714 until 1768, and maestro di capella of S Clemente, also in Brescia, until 1754. He is known to have taken holy orders.

His most famous work is the componimento per musica, Il giudizio di Paride, written to celebrate the name day of the Empress Amalia Wilhelmina.

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