Orazio (Tiberio) Vecchi


Orazio Vecchi is known mainly for his entertainment music, of which the madrigal-comedy "L'Anfiparnaso" is his best-known work.

His sense of drama and constrast made him a pioneer of dramatic music in the 16th century.

Vecchi composed both sacred and seculare music.

- MIDI FILE - "Io son felice" (1'34'')

Much of Vecchi's European reputation during his lifetime rested upon his six books of Canzonette, and he also wrote two books of madrigals.

Vecchi's major achievements are concentrated in four works: "Selva di varia ricreatione", "L'Anfiparnaso", "Il convito musicale" and "Le veglie di Siena"

- MIDI FILE - "So ben che ha bon tempo" (0'39'')

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