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Luigi Rossi

Italian Died 20 Feb 1653

Rossi wrote over 300 surviving cantatas and several operas; the cantatas have C-numbers from Caluori's catalogue.

He can be very easily confused with Michelangelo Rossi, the Roman keyboard composer and Salamone Rossi, tha Mantuan Jewish violinist, composer (Jewish composers were unusual in an age where institutionalised anti-semitism prevented jews from pursuing many professions.)

Luigi Rossi was a pupil of Giovanni Macque, (or Jean de Macque), a celebrated Flemish organist, working in Naples since 1585.

The most important works of Rossi are the opera “Il palazzo incantato”, and the opera Orfeo, on the same subject as Monteverdi's.

He wrote also a lot of compositions for keyboard.

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