Luigi Nono

Italian Born 29 Jan 1924 Died 08 May 1990

Born in Venice, Nono studied jurisprudence at Padua before studying with Malipiero and Maderna at the Venice Conservatoire. Towards the end of the Second World War he fought in the Italian resistance, and he continued to take a political stance in peacetime, actively supporting Communism and eventually being elected to the Central Committee of the Italian Communist Party.

Nono composed in the serialist idiom, even marrying Nuria Schönberg, daughter of Arnold Schönberg. His political stance led to literal justifications of his style, with dissonance frequently being employed as a depiction of the horrors of fascism. In contrast, his works can be sparsely beautiful, with a minimal deployment of large resources. As the opportunity became available, Nono used electronic resources, creating tape works and pieces for performers interacting with live electronics.

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