Ludovico Viadana


Lodovico Grossi took the name Viadana when he entered the order of the Minor Observants in 1588.

He was Maestro di cappella at Mantua cathedral in 1594, and at the end of the 16th century he may have been at Padua; he was also in Rome.

In 1614 he was appointed "diffinitor" of his religious order for the province of Bologna.

In 1623 he was ordered to leave Viadana and to settle in Busseto: he later moved to the convent of S. Andrea at Gualtieri, where he died.

Viadana ranks higly among composers of his period for the freshness, fluency and notably expressive quality of his music: his Canzonettas show in their delicacy some kinship with Marenzio's Villanellas.

He gave a strong impulse to the vocal concerto with basso continuo in ecclesiastical music, and acquired many pupils who continued his work.

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