Johannes Ockeghem


Flemish composer; born in East Flanders it is likely that he was a pupil of Binchois. Ockeghem sang at Antwerp between 1443-44 and in the chapel of the Duke of Bourbon between 1446 and 1448; the following year he received composition lessons from Dufay in Cambrai. From 1452 he sang at the French royal chapel, and from 1454 he was first chaplain and composer to three kings in succession, becoming master of the king’s chapel in 1465. Ockeghem travelled to Spain in 1469, returning to Flanders in 1484, financed by the king.

A composer of great technical skill, Ockeghem was an integral part of the Flemish countrapuntal school. He taught Josquin Des Prez and many others, and his incorporation of imitative techniques made the later a cappella style possible. His output includes 16 masses, nine motets, 20 chansons and perhaps (though the authorship is in question) a canon-motet in 36 parts.

MIDI FILE - Canon epidiatesseron (2'13'')

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