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Hans Leo Hassler

German Born 17 Aug 1562 Died 08 Jun 1612

Born to composer Isaac Hassler in Nuremburg, Hans Leo Hassler and his composer brothers Kaspar and Jakob were taught by their father from an early age.  After learning from the writings of Lechner, a pupil of Orlande de Lassus , in 1584 he left to study in Venice under, amongst others, Andrea Gabrieli.  His teacher's connections with Octavian II Fugger of Augsburg led to a productive tenure as organist there - in 1595 Hans Leo and his brothers were ennobled by his employer.  The following year a gathering of the illustrious organists of the age at Gröningen brought him together with Michael Praetorius .

After the death of Octavian II in 1600, Hassler returned to Nuremburg and he found work in the court of Emperor Rudolf II; later he moved to Ulm, and finally at the bequest of Elector Christian II of Saxony he settled in Dresden.  Here he contracted tuberculosis, continuing to play organ until his death during the election and coronation of Emperor Matthias.  He left a body of work which, though not innovative, amalgamated the finer points of German and Italian musical practice.  His motets and works for double choir bear this out most fully.

- MIDI FILE - Galliard (1'42'')

- MIDI FILE - From Missa secunda: "Kyrie" (1'33'')

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