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(Giuseppe) Saverio (Raffaele) Mercadante

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Saverio Mercadante (born Altamura, near Bari, Kingdom of Naples, 16 Sep. 1795, died Naples, 17 Dec. 1870) with his 60 operas was one of the most frequently performed of nineteenth century opera composers.

Liszt and Rossini give evidence of the respect he was shown: "The latest works by Mercadante are undoubtedly the most seriously considered in the contemporary repertoire"; "Mercadante takes over where we finish."

MIDI FILE - from Clarinet Concert: 1st Mov. (8'17'')

Rossini indeed helped Mercadante to get his first opera, L'apoteosi D'Ercole, performed.

His international break-through came in 1821 with the opera Elisa and Claudio which, following 48 highly successful performances at La Scala in Milan, was performed in London, Paris, Barcelona and Vienna.

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